Your Love Is Like An Avalanche: Adam & Claire

One of our favorite things about music is the community that it creates. People from all different walks of life can come together, and one song can connect you with your fellow humans. Whether it’s the lyrics or the melody that moves you, everyone can relate to that one moment that draws a line between you and another person.

This is a love story that begins and ends with these connections made at a Drew Holcomb concert in our humble little venue.

Two years ago, music teacher Adam was invited to spend Easter brunch with a family that he had been teaching private lessons. There he met Claire, a beautiful young lady visiting from Colorado. After hitting it off, he asked her on a date to see Drew Holcomb at the Granada in April of 2015.

“It was a pretty great first date. We got to see my favorite artist, and afterward, he kissed me under the neon marquee lights in the rain. It was so romantic.” she said.

Despite living in two different states, they decided to date long-distance, with nightly phone calls and frequent weekend visits. After two years of courting from afar, Claire started looking for jobs in Texas, but the two decided to wait on taking their relationship to the next level until they were living in the same state.

Adam got other ideas when it was announced that Drew Holcomb was coming back to the Granada stage, just days after the anniversary of their first date two years ago. After a couple of months of phone calls, coordination, and a leap of faith, Adam had convinced Drew and his team to help him out with a proposal Claire would never forget.

Claire came down to Texas, under the premise of job-hunting, when Adam casually mentioned that he had a friend on Drew’s tour team, and they would be shooting an acoustic music video a couple of hours before the show, and they needed some extras to dance in the background. Ecstatic, Claire walked into the venue with a big smile and her excitement was already palpable.

Drew was alone on stage when the couple walked in, then he launched into an acoustic version of “Avalanche,” Claire’s favorite song. He then invited the couple on stage to dance while he played. After a couple of minutes, Adam pulled away, got down on one knee, and pulled the ring out of his pocket. Eyes filled with happy tears and a huge grin, Claire enthusiastically said yes, and they held each other and kissed as Drew finished the song.


After the proposal, we moved to Sundown, where their friends and family waited excitedly to share the great news. Over glasses of celebratory champagne, I asked Adam when was the moment that he knew Claire was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

“There never really was this AHA show-stopping moment for me. We connected immediately, but over time I just realized that every day was better with her in my life. When the opportunity presented itself, I had to take it.


“I remember the first time I saw your face
A memory, a photograph, time cannot erase
I never stood a chance, your love is like an avalanche”

Drew Holcomb “Avalanche”