Yelp names Granada one of “Top 50 Music Venues in the U.S.”

Let me tell you something that you may have already known; working in the music industry is so freaking cool! I never thought I’d be lucky enough to get into this business. Music has been a huge part of my life, so be able to say I work for one of the best music venues in Dallas is truly an honor. I could go on and on about the theater’s history and the exclusivity you feel being a part of the Granada family. Apparently, we’re not the only ones that think the Granada Theater is one of the best places to see a concert. And, it isn’t just our own city that’s taken notice.

Yelp recently included us in their list of “Top 50 Music Venues in the U.S.” that ranges from dark dives to well-known rock clubs and more. There are some legendary names on this list like Skylark Lounge in Austin, B.L.U.E.S. in Chicago, The Casbah in San Diego, Freddy’s Bar in Brooklyn and one of Texas’ stalwart venues: Gruene Hall. Also on the list is one of the city’s other renowned music venues and a stone’s throw from our location: the great Kessler Theater. If you’ve never seen a show at the Kessler, do yourself (and your friends) a favor and see a show. Located in the heart of the beloved Bishop Arts District, the Kessler is one of Dallas’ three remaining theater-turned-music venues, and one you definitely need to check out.

Being recognized as one of the best places to see a concert always makes us thankful to have a loyal following. We’ve always been fans of our fans. Our marketing manager, Mark Kennedy, knows how important our fans truly are to the theater, “Being mentioned in the same breath as some of the venues on this list is truly an honor. We always love hosting fun shows and including our fans in everything that we do.” This past week’s Free Week celebration was the perfect example of the love we have for the fans, “Nowhere else in Dallas/Fort Worth hosts an entire week of concerts for free. It’s for the fans – plain and simple. Without them, we’d be just another old building in Dallas. Magic happens when this room is filled.”

Even the booking team has to pinch itself whenever they confirm a new show. Head-booker, Tara Wurts, has been a longtime Granada-goer since the mid 90’s having seen bands in their infancy before they hit it big; The Black Keys being one of them. “I’ve seen so many bands at Granada, some of which were just getting started. That room is indescribable. The natural acoustics work in the musician’s favor and everyone usually has the same thing to say, ‘this place is so cool!’” The theater has seen its fair share of music icons including Bob Dylan, David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Willie Nelson just this past January. “Willie Nelson at Granada Theater…I never thought I’d see the day. Words cannot explain how special that was for that type of room. We’re lucky to have a room as unique as Granada’s.”

We can only say so much…the rest is for you to experience! They don’t build ‘em like they used to, and the same can be said for our beloved Granada. Big thanks to Yelp for the love – come out and see us soon!