Serenity: A Quick History

“The bb bois”, “The boys”, “Boys R Us” — whatever they’re referred to as, Serenity is a state of mind. And, I can say that — it’s how I got my start here. Staffing a venue like the Granada takes time and diligence. Finding the right people to fill the building is what makes a business what it is. In the music business, it’s about bringing the best concert experiences to audiences. Good memories are powerful and music is usually at the top for most people.

But, it isn’t just the music that makes the experience memorable. It’s about the feeling that washes over you while walking through the entrance or being welcomed by a staff member. This is where Serenity comes in. It’s the name of our security staff and the brainchild of our owner. Some may call them “nice security”, and it shows – the whole concept is to approach situations differently.  Heck, it even starts with their work shirts that are emblazoned with a cursive (yes, cursive still exists) “Serenity” on the front and back.

Serenity is a tough job. We always preach kindness no matter what. Talk to a security member from any music venue anywhere and you’ll be given a treasure trove of stories. There are many good ones, some weird ones, a few involving unruly guests and countless other tidbits that make me chuckle. We want everyone to have fun, but in a peaceful and respectful way towards others.

Serenity isn’t just a name – it’s a state of mind. Every concertgoer that walks through the door is looked after with their safety our greatest priority. If you ever need us, just look for the guys wearing all black and smiles. We take pretty awesome pictures, too.