Quaker City Night Hawks Acoustic Sessions in January

Yes, it’s true! The Quaker City Night Hawks, Sam Anderson + David Matsler are here at Sundown at Granada for live acoustic sessions every Wednesday this January. We were able to catch up with Anderson and get his take on the weekly gig – “Wednesdays nights at Sundown are great because we get to go back to how David and I first started playing together. Being able to play brand new songs off our upcoming album in the way that we originally started writing songs together has been a real treat for us up there.”

With a similar sound to Neil Young and The Black Crowes, this Fort Worth native southern rock group is sure to satisfy your blues cravings with hits from their latest album ‘El Astronauta’, featuring ‘Mockingbird’ and ‘Beat the Machine’. Anderson says, “The new album has been a long process and has served almost as a reprise from being on the road more often than not in the first half of 2017. It touches all the bases for a QCNH album but explores a few of those aspects a little further down the rabbit hole this go around.” 

We guarantee it will be hard not to fall in love with the soulful voices of David Matsler and Sam Anderson who, in an interview with David Whitman in 2013, say get their inspiration for vocals and songwriting from artists like Liam Russell and Little Feat. When asked about what 2018 holds in store for QCNH, Anderson says, “2018 will be busy undoubtedly. With the release of this album, we’ll be out there in it and in support of it for a good chunk of the year. Album years are always a blur. I do know this, I see quite a bit of freeway in our future.”

QCNH have played all kinds of outdoor venues and festivals in the south from the ‘Fort Worth Music Festival’ in their hometown, to the ‘Laid Back Festival’ in Colorado. With their blissful guitar melodies and all around American rock and roll vibe, you won’t want to miss a show while they’re here at Sundown! Catch them every Wednesday night this month!

Blog Post written by Marketing Intern Emma Clark of Reedy High School