New Year’s Eve at Sundown Recap: Cure For Paranoia & Chilldren of Indigo

This past Monday, we had the privilege of hosting two of the best bands Dallas has to offer with Cure For Paranoia and Chilldren of Indigo at Sundown at Granada for our very special New Year’s Eve show! Both bands put on incredible shows to send 2018 out on the highest of notes.


Chilldren of Indigo started the night off with a highly energetic opening set. Chilldren of Indigo are regulars of Lower Greenville, playing on Funk night for Free Week in 2018, and headlining their own show at Sundown. The chemistry between the band was on full display, with each member getting ample opportunity to rock out and command the audience’s attention. The show went to another level when the band graced Sundown by performing their to-be-released song “17,”  about coming of age. The band hinted that it would be on an album to be released in 2019, so we know we’ll be on our toes until it drops! Chilldren of Indigo ended their set with an incredible cover of Kendrick Lamar’s “King Kunta,” setting the mood for an incredible Cure For Paranoia set.


Cure For Paranoia frontman Cameron McCloud deejayed in between sets, keeping the energy going until their first bars. Every song Cure hit the audience with was incredible, and certainly set a great atmosphere to bring in 2019. Cameron McCloud and Stanley Francisko reminded the audience to keep up the self love, with multiple call and response bits of “I love myself” throughout the set. Cure For Paranoia was especially gracious to the Dallas artists they work and collaborate with, including Jo Indigo on stage for multiple songs, performing another Kendrick Lamar cover with “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe.”


This was a fantastic show to wrap up a great 2018! If you didn’t have the chance to make it out, don’t miss either of these bands the next chance you get! Thank you so much Dallas for sharing these moments with us and we look forward to all the incredible shows we have lined up for you in 2019!

  • by Alex Blume