New Music Spotlight: Charlie Stout

Charlie Stout is a storyteller above all. His songwriting romanticizes the West Texas plains and American frontier, telling stories of less than moral outlaws, either on the run or on trial. His music focuses on cinematic lyrics, evoking the contemplation of life and death.

A native of West Virginia, and now a resident of West Texas, Stout draws on his experience as a photographer to craft his songs, intending to create picturesque images to bring his songs to life. He has co-written with many great artists, including William Clark Green and Sam Riggs, showcasing his wit and dark storylines.

In the summer of 2015, Stout spent a night in a 108 year old abandoned Presbyterian church in the New Mexico desert, setting to work on recording his new album, Dust & Wind. The first eight songs on the album are dark stories, focusing on immoral men in their final moments – having to face their misdeeds and regrets.

Stout didn’t need much to create this album, just a guitar, and an 8-track recorder. This “bare-bones” method is uniquely beautiful and truly sinks in with the last track on the album. The last track (track nine) is 14 minutes and 23 seconds of crickets chirping, the far-off sounds of cars and trains passing, and the lonesome wind. This track, also titled Dust & Wind, is quite literally just that, the sound of the wind, raw, gritty and beautiful.

Catch Charlie Stout and Lubbock local Brandon Adams at Sundown at Granada Thursday, September 28th!