Local Music Scene: Denton

Local music is what feeds us as music lovers here at Granada, and we couldn’t be more pumped to get to experience what’s going on in our neighboring cities. It seems to us that DFW is becoming an area of musical growth, where local musicians can flex their talents and keep the art of live performances alive. We owe our thanks for this, mostly in part, to our music loving neighbors to the north, Denton, Texas. We can’t pinpoint exactly where this musical energy is coming from, but if we had to guess, the University of North Texas’ excellent music program, the vast variety of Denton music venues, and the curation of Denton music festivals such as Oaktopia, 35 Denton, and Denton Arts and Jazz Fest, are responsible, and allow the DFW artistic community to grow.

Any night of the week you can walk around the square in Denton and find live music flourishing. Andy’s Bar has live music almost every night of the week, focusing on hip hop, and singer-songwriters. Venture upstairs, and our favorite speakeasy, Paschall Bar, provides us with live jazz every Sunday night from 9PM-12AM. Stroll east of the square to one of Denton’s newer music venues, Harvest House, which can be found bumping funk and rock most nights of the week, with an extensive beer garden to pair with the tunes. Although the town may be a smaller college town, the music scene is full of endless possibilities, with multiple house venues (Gatsby’s Mansion, Jagoe House, the 813) and many local businesses showcasing music (LSA Burger, Midway Crafthouse, J&J’s Pizza).

Because of this local musical expansion, we’ve seen many Denton bands come through Granada, further feeding our music-loving ears. Bands and artists such as Neon Indian, Eric Pulido (of Midlake and BNQT), Seryn, Jessie Frye, Doug Burr, Sarah Jaffe, Leoncarlo Canlas, Pearl Earl, and so many more, have graced our stages. Thanks Denton, and keep doing what you’re doing!