Granada Theater Private Events

We are blessed to have a baddass events department, and we love to show them off whenever we get a chance. Dallas, please let me introduce to you our incredible events team, Meagan and Callie. These ladies work tirelessly day and night to provide customized events to the community and make event planning, for those who have booked our rooms, a breeze. Our events coordinators strive to create a unique ambiance for each event including weddings, business conferences, holiday parties, awards ceremonies, music festivals, fashion shows, and more.

Meagan says, “We love working with people that are new to Dallas because we have the history of the theater that adds a little something extra in addition to the event. It is not just your average event space; it comes with layers of stories that validate what the theater has meant to Dallas. People always love a bit of history.”

So let’s break it down. “What kind of spaces do you have available for rent?” you may ask. Well, if you can believe it, I’m here to tell you we have more than just a retro movie theater available for booking.  Sundown at Granada (our farm-to-table restaurant located right next door) boasts an expansive scenic rooftop patio overlooking Greenville Avenue. This summer we hosted many corporate events on our rooftop, along with multiple weddings and wedding receptions. Our locally-sourced produce and free-range meats also add fresh seasonal fare to these events. (Thanks Chef West!) The entire restaurant is also available to be rented out, with a capacity of 350, perfect for school parties or corporate events!

When asked about her favorite part of the job, Meagan says, “For me, it is about meeting so many creative and fun people. Whether it is a couple planning their wedding, or a non-profit organization planning a fundraiser or concert, each event is so unique and the Granada provides such a great canvas with an amazing history that allows the space to be transformed into each person’s specific vision.”

“The best part of an event is at the end when you can stand back and see how happy everyone is and all of the hard work has paid off and was worth it.  It makes planning the next event that much more fun. It is like a re-charge.”

To get in touch with Meagan or Callie to book your next event, shoot them an email at or call 214.827.5514!