Granada Theater: A Brief History

The Granada Theater has been entertaining audiences for a long time. It’s not the oldest theater in town, but we’re not that far off. 1946 is when it all began and has since seen a few different transformations. Remnants from Granada’s past still remain (the “crying” room, marquee, neon lights, art deco) but we’ve definitely brought her into the 21st century with style. What most may not know is the notable art deco was designed by the artists that worked on Hollywood’s Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Pretty cool, huh? After a few ownership changes and renovations, it was Mike Schoder in 2004 that took over and has since helped the theater win many awards along the way including “Best Live Music Venue” from the Dallas Observer throughout the mid-to-late 2000’s (2007-2011).

There have been many iconic shows that have been held at the theater. One of recent memory is the great Willie Nelson. Even in his late 80’s, the man can still put on a show like you wouldn’t believe. Everyone was packed in like sardines but to be in the presence of a legend in such an intimate setting is something we or those lucky concertgoers won’t ever forget. A few other shows that come to mind include Adele and Tame Impala in 2009 and 2013, respectively. Adele was on the upswing but still a bit of an unknown, which is crazy to think about now that her popularity has skyrocketed. As for Tame Impala, they’ve become a global phenomenon. Selling out stadiums and legendary venues including Red Rocks is what they’re used to now, but before then it was medium-sized venues like ours where they made their bones.

It’s a reminder to keep your eye on the concert calendar. You never know what may pop up…