Front 242 – Tickets – Granada Theater – Dallas, TX – September 24th, 2017

Front 242

Past Present Productions and The New Beat Presents:

Front 242

Leaetherstrip, Iioioioii

Sun Sep 24 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Granada Theater

$47 - $185 (Fees Included)

This event is 14 and over

Goes Great With: Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Lords Of Acid

Belgian electronic body music group considered the forerunners of the electro-industrial genre. 


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Front 242
Front 242
Front 242's entire history was clearly defined from the start when Daniel B. and Dirk Bergen released the first single "Principles" with the hit song "Body to Body" in 1981. In 1982, Patrick Codenys - keyboards and Jean-Luc De Meyer - vocals join Front 242 and they release the single "U-Men" followed by the first full-length album "Geography". This album already displayed the cold, synthetic brand of dance music that would become Front 242's signature sound in the following years. In 1983, Dirk Bergen left and Richard 23 joined the band as stage performer and vocalist.

The band created its own label , and the organization which promoted music from Belgium. 1983 saw the release of an EP "Endless Riddance" and the re-release of the first two singles under the title "Two-In-One". The band developed and quickly reached a specialised audience in Europe.

With the second full-length album "No Comment" in 1984 the term surfaced to describe the synthetic and physically charged qualities of Front 242's music and sounds recycled from the media and television.

In 1985, the fabulous "Politics Of Pressure" was released on 24 track. That year, the band played for the first time in large European festivals and flew to the U.S.A. for some live performances. They were soon tagged as a very powerful live group.

The international breakthrough came in 1987 following the signing to Wax Trax in the United States and Red Rhino in Europe with the release of the single "Interception" and the albums "Backcatalogue" and "Official Version". This album had a busier sound picture in contrast to the minimalism of the first two studio albums.

In 1988, Front 242 released the groundbreaking album "Front by Front", taking their sound to its logical extreme. Preceded by the dance-club hit single "Headhunter" and its prize-winning video directed by Anton Corbijn, "Front By Front" was the band's most streamlined and dance-oriented release, with an index/bpm chart displayed on the sleeve for DJ convenience. This release firmly placed the group as a major driving force of electronic music.

For their next album release "Tyranny >For YouFor YouFor You
Dark and atmospheric electronic Synthpop taking inspiration from classic New Wave and Industrial music. A solo project, IIOIOIOII takes on lush soundscapes and heavy melodic elements and combines them with hard hitting beats and distorted sounds. Together with smooth vocals IIOIOIOII slams it all together to form a call to arms for all people who love alternative music.

Started in 2012 IIOIOIOII (Pronounced I.O.) was formed by Christopher Gurney on a corner desk in his bedroom. Chris spent years slowly shaping the current sounds to match the tones and melodies in his head. Going from rough and distorted tones with growling and raspy vocals to smooth sounds by going both backwards and moving forward at the same time in style.

In late 2013 IIOIOIOII released Sun which gained accolades from the European Industrial music scene and was named the third best release of 2013 by Brutal Resonance.