Cinco De Mayo at Sundown ft. The Clinton Years, DJ SOBER, Pearl Earl – Tickets – Sundown at Granada – Dallas, TX – May 5th, 2017

Cinco De Mayo at Sundown ft. The Clinton Years, DJ SOBER, Pearl Earl

Cinco De Mayo at Sundown ft. The Clinton Years, DJ SOBER, Pearl Earl

Fri May 05 2017

4:30 pm

Sundown at Granada



This event is 21 and over

Come party with us for Cinco De Mayo where we've got live music going all night long, $7 Flauta Specials, and $3 Modelo Drafts! Let's fiesta!

The Clinton Years @ 4:30pm

DJ Sober @ 11pm

Pearl Earl @ 12:30am

The Clinton Years
The Clinton Years
In 1999, Benny, Danny, Jamie, and Matty were rehearsing their favorite contemporary covers in the basement of their local video arcade. The owner, distraught over that day's resignation of the first president of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin (an act which left upstart prime minister Vladimir Putin acting President) accidentally placed his arcade's new Street Fighter 3: Third Strike machine in front of the door to the basement trapping the young boys inside.

After little to no effort to escape, our heroes went back to practice. Subsisting on a cache of Mondo, Surge, and Dunkaroos they hammered classic alternative rock 24 hours a day, reluctantly throwing in pop songs to appease the sandwich-eaters, until they were unearthed in the construction for Klyde Warren park. They sprung restless and anxious into a world they never made. Phones were used for everything except calling people, television (now called "reality television") was poorly written and terribly acted, and that damned Putin was still in power. Appalled by the decline of civilization, they knew their mission. They hoisted their instruments and set out on a mission to rock America and defeat their nemesis, Vladimir Putin. Thusly were The Clinton Years born.

"Great!" shouted Benny.
"I'm So Dallas," a track from hip-hop duo A.Dd+'s debut album When Pigs Fly, sets forth their Big D credentials with snippets of some of the city's biggest rap anthems. They don't come any more Dallas than the creator of the track — and A.Dd+'s official DJ — DJ Sober. The co-founder of the game-changing and genre-defying crew The Party, Sober can be found holding down the turntables everywhere in Dallas from Cowboys, Mavericks and FC Dallas games to Erykah Badu's birthday party and Dirk Nowitzki's wedding. In 2011, Sober was named Dallas' Best DJ by the Dallas Observer; and in 2012, he was voted Dallas' Best DJ at the Dallas Observer Music Awards, an award voted on by the public. Between A.Dd+'s rising profile on the national hip-hop scene and Sober's expanding rep as a party DJ and graphic designer (he hand designs his flyers and event posters, and runs a T-shirt company called Decade Clothing) expect to see him soon in a city near you, too.

Like many DJs, Sober took time to develop his talents in his basement and at house parties before stepping out into clubs. "I practiced for years and honed the craft before I ever deejayed out," he says. "It was never, 'I want to be a DJ' career-wise or to get attention. I just liked vinyl and collecting records and being around it." While working a job overseeing Dallas area promotions for Red Bull in the mid 2000s, he began organizing special events and deejaying more frequently on the side. In 2006, he combined his mixing and marketing expertise to develop The Party with fellow DJs Select and Nature. The Party bridged the Big D's musical and cultural gaps while bringing acts from Smif N Wessun to Justice to Blaq Starr to the city. "We kind of took over Dallas pretty quickly," Sober says. "Before, there were just exclusively hip-hop or house events, dance-related stuff. Nobody was really playing multiple genres or doing anything different. We started introducing new music like Baltimore club and different things that people weren't messing with here."

The members of The Party went their separate ways in 2009, but Sober is more active than ever in Texas' nightlife scene. His weekly Big Bang! party at Dallas' Beauty Bar, is consistently jam-packed and has attracted some of the nation's best DJs including Eli Escobar, Kon, House Shoes and Blade Runners. He also holds his monthly Top Notch event with DJs Dayta and El Roy Boogie every last Saturday of the month in Houston and runs a traveling event, Dope on Plastic, in which he only spins vinyl.

Over the last several years, Sober has opened for bands such as the Flaming Lips and Cut Copy, deejayed alongside ?uestlove and Pete Rock and backed up Devin the Dude on stage. Through his association with New York City's Scratch Academy, he has also taught youth deejaying clinics, including one memorable one alongside hip-hop pioneer Grand Wizzard Theodore at Steve Harvey's house. The most interesting of his many gigs might be his one at Cowboys Stadium, the world's largest domed stadium. "It gets pretty jumping in there," Sober says. "I'm a DJ, so I'm gonna rock the party. Even if the other team wins, their fans are gonna stay and celebrate. When New Orleans won, I played a New Orleans bounce set, and it was insane. There were Saints fans holding umbrellas and wearing crazy outfits. It turned into a dance party."

In 2010, Sober connected with Slim Gravy and Paris Pershun of A.Dd+ through producer PICNICTYME and became A.Dd+'s official DJ. He also provided the cuts on "I'm So Dallas," a DJ track made from snippets of classic Dallas rap anthems, on their debut LP When Pigs Fly. Having a consummate DJ like Sober in their corner has helped A.Dd+ elevate their stage show. With A.Dd+, he says, "it felt so natural once we got in the studio. We had a bunch of ideas we were bouncing ideas off of each other, and it was exactly how I thought it should be." In 2012, they toured the nation twice as openers for Black Milk and Talib Kweli, respectively.

With an amazing few years behind him, Sober already has plans to kick down the door to 2013 with the introduction of Booty Fade, a duo consisting of him and PICNICTYME. Look out for their debut, self-titled EP out this March.
Pearl Earl
Rainbow fuzz power out of Denton, TX