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If you made it through 2014, chances are you’ve probably listened to a Clean Bandit song one way or another. The quartet hailing from Cambridge released their debut album New Eyes last year. In it, Clean Bandit mends elements of classical and electronic together. The band’s roots began as a classically trained string quartet by… Read More

It’s not often that a singer-songwriter can translate their personal experiences into well-crafted songs, how Rachael Yamagata can do this allows us to say she has a way with words. Yamagata’s pop ballads bring us back to Bonnie Raitt or Carole King – some are laments of lost love, genuine “”troubadour of heartbreak” songs that… Read More

The long awaited Gorilla vs. Bear IV is here this Friday and we couldn’t be more thrilled. If you missed our highlights on performers Sophie, Ejecta, Doss, or Blues Control, give yourself a little taste of what you’re in for. PANDA BEAR “..dense, oppressive and utterly hypnotic, so detailed and minutely inflected that you become… Read More

Ejecta is the moniker a character vocalist Leannae Macomber describes as “one that conceptually represents her various inner-struggles, and yet also as a way to “deflect” them.” The band comprises of Leanne Macomber and Joel Ford, recognizable from other groups such as Neon Indian, Fite Bite, and Ford & Lopatin. The duo produce music that… Read More

From the far corners of the internet lies Doss, a solo electronic artist who has been relatively successful in maintaining her anonymous identity. Up until her debut EP release this past April, Doss was only revealed to the world by a few remixes here and there including How To Dress Well’s “& It Was U”… Read More

With one of our favorite parties of every year coming up, we decided what better way to get amped than to hear some tunes and highlight the performers off of the upcoming line-up. Based out of Pennsylvania, the duo consisting of Lea Cho and Russ Waterhouse makes music that would be difficult to pinpoint into… Read More