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On March 17th at the Granada Theater, we won’t be studying the science behind gardening but Twin Shadow fans will hear the artful sounds of Botany. Spencer Stephenson of the Ambient/Electronic project “Botany” based out of Denton, TX has been praised his for atmospheric composure of sounds in his 2013 release “Lava Diviner (True Story)”. For… Read More

Fort Worth-based Quaker City Night Hawks have built quite a reputation through the years. The southern rock outfit have been featured on Sons of Anarchy, gaining local and national prominence, all with a genuine air of southern comfort. In anticipation of their upcoming show at the Theater, we wanted to share some raves and rants… Read More

Alas, the year-end gatherings and round-ups are here. Across the web are featured Best Of lists that everyone racing around to finish. Well, we wanted to hear what you thought about this year. We’ve conjured up a list full of questions, but didn’t want to limit just to music. That’s why we’ve gathered everything from… Read More

When Dallas’ own Erykah Badu announced she was creating a jam band intended to specialize in musical improvisation her fans were eager to jump on board and discover exactly what that meant.  Turns out it means Erykah’s sound will include more of a hip-hop undertone, constructing the feel of a live remix set.  Badu chose… Read More

For anyone who is anyone in Dallas, Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights is not an obscure name passed around. Signing onto big boys Atlantic Records in 2010, these guys have also opened for pretty big names like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock, and AC/DC. Since 2008, JT&TNL have headlined our very own New Year’s Eve… Read More

A Place to Bury Strangers is a noise-rock group from Brooklyn, New York. Formed in 2003, they’ve made appearances with notable bands such as Brian Jonestown Massacre, Holy Fuck, MGMT, and Nine Inch Nails. Shortened as APTBS, the trio have been labeled as the “loudest band in New York,” and no doubt that their live… Read More