Your Love Is Like An Avalanche: Adam & Claire

One of our favorite things about music is the community that it creates. People from all different walks of life can come together, and one song can connect you with your fellow humans. Whether it’s the lyrics or the melody that moves you, everyone can relate to that one moment that draws a line between you and another person.

This is a love story that begins and ends with these connections made at a Drew Holcomb concert in our humble little venue.

Two years ago, music teacher Adam was invited to spend Easter brunch with a family that he had been teaching private lessons. There he met Claire, a beautiful young lady visiting from Colorado. After hitting it off, he asked her on a date to see Drew Holcomb at the Granada in April of 2015.

“It was a pretty great first date. We got to see my favorite artist, and afterward, he kissed me under the neon marquee lights in the rain. It was so romantic.” she said.

Despite living in two different states, they decided to date long-distance, with nightly phone calls and frequent weekend visits. After two years of courting from afar, Claire started looking for jobs in Texas, but the two decided to wait on taking their relationship to the next level until they were living in the same state.

Adam got other ideas when it was announced that Drew Holcomb was coming back to the Granada stage, just days after the anniversary of their first date two years ago. After a couple of months of phone calls, coordination, and a leap of faith, Adam had convinced Drew and his team to help him out with a proposal Claire would never forget.

Claire came down to Texas, under the premise of job-hunting, when Adam casually mentioned that he had a friend on Drew’s tour team, and they would be shooting an acoustic music video a couple of hours before the show, and they needed some extras to dance in the background. Ecstatic, Claire walked into the venue with a big smile and her excitement was already palpable.

Drew was alone on stage when the couple walked in, then he launched into an acoustic version of “Avalanche,” Claire’s favorite song. He then invited the couple on stage to dance while he played. After a couple of minutes, Adam pulled away, got down on one knee, and pulled the ring out of his pocket. Eyes filled with happy tears and a huge grin, Claire enthusiastically said yes, and they held each other and kissed as Drew finished the song.


After the proposal, we moved to Sundown, where their friends and family waited excitedly to share the great news. Over glasses of celebratory champagne, I asked Adam when was the moment that he knew Claire was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

“There never really was this AHA show-stopping moment for me. We connected immediately, but over time I just realized that every day was better with her in my life. When the opportunity presented itself, I had to take it.


“I remember the first time I saw your face
A memory, a photograph, time cannot erase
I never stood a chance, your love is like an avalanche”

Drew Holcomb “Avalanche”

Industry Interview: T

I recently sat down in a Q/A session with “T”, who has over 20 years of music industry experience working numerous jobs including field marketing, sales, ad systems, and booking. “T” takes us on a walk through her career, how she got started, and some insights into the current state of the industry…

How did you get your start in the industry:  The intern for the Dallas office of RED/Sony stopped showing so I volunteered. I was a manager at Blockbuster Music and the RED Rep was a friend. A couple days later the field marketing rep for RED said she was quitting and I got the job.  Totally right place right time and I had a great 20 year run at RED/Sony during which I wore many hats (often at once): Field Marketing, Sales, Catalog Manager, Intern Wrangler, New Release Book Coordinator and Ad System Coordinator, just to name a few.
What is your opinion of the Dallas music scene:  Dallas has always had a great scene. Some years have been better than others but right now there are several great bands and Ft Worth is really popping these days. DFW is not lacking for good local bands, people just need to get out and enjoy them. Far too many bands have left for the coasts because building a strong fan base here has gotten harder. With social media you would never think that but when I moved to Dallas in ’92 I hit bars just to see what bands sounded like. Now people check out a clip online and make a decision and many times those clips just don’t represent them accurately. We just need to keep supporting local music.
What has it been like going from the distribution/promotional side of things to booking:  There were many things that translated well. I worked many, many bands in the 20 years I was at RED. All genres, all sizes, all types. That has been helpful when looking for bands to book. Looking at tickets sales is a lot like looking at what their cd/LP sales would be when we were setting up a new release. I love that every day is a new day. New bands, new shows, new excitement.
Favorite live show you’ve ever seen:  Hard to answer so here are a few.
Pearl Jam – every time from the first show in 1993 (at SMU) to the latest show in 2014 (in Austin) (will add all Eddie Vedder solo shows in this statement as well)
Temple of the Dog – made me cry both nights at PJ20 and again both nights last year.
Rage Against the Machine – saw them 4 times and each one was killer.
Slipknot – at Deep Ellum Live,  They didn’t even headline.  We were gearing up to put out their first album and saw them open the side stage at Ozzfest but the show at Deep Ellum Live was when I knew they were going to be big!  Always a great show.
Fugees/Goodie Mob  – at The (original) Bomb Factory
White Zombie opening for Pantera at Starplex
Insane Clown Posse w/Humble Gods – at Trees on the Riddlebox Tour – there were maybe 50 of us there and the place was coated in Orange Faygo it was a blast….possibly the only show Humble Gods played in Dallas and they were great.
My Morning Jacket – I helped put together their instore performance at EarXtacy in Louisville on street date for Evil Urges and it was AWESOME…. They also blew me away on that tour at South Side.
Craziest thing you’ve experienced in your time as a music industry person:
I plead the fifth.
Name a few current ‘can’t miss’ live shows:
If they play Dallas you should go:
Childish Gambino (while you still can)
Run the Jewels
Everyone needs to catch Dalton Domino at Sundown….he just played Billy Bob’s and this is a chance to see him in an intimate setting.
Tell us 3 bands that we need to be keeping our eyes on for the rest of 2017:
Jackie Venson
Tash Sultana

Serenity: A Quick History

“The bb bois”, “The boys”, “Boys R Us” — whatever they’re referred to as, Serenity is a state of mind. And, I can say that — it’s how I got my start here. Staffing a venue like the Granada takes time and diligence. Finding the right people to fill the building is what makes a business what it is. In the music business, it’s about bringing the best concert experiences to audiences. Good memories are powerful and music is usually at the top for most people.

But, it isn’t just the music that makes the experience memorable. It’s about the feeling that washes over you while walking through the entrance or being welcomed by a staff member. This is where Serenity comes in. It’s the name of our security staff and the brainchild of our owner. Some may call them “nice security”, and it shows – the whole concept is to approach situations differently.  Heck, it even starts with their work shirts that are emblazoned with a cursive (yes, cursive still exists) “Serenity” on the front and back.

Serenity is a tough job. We always preach kindness no matter what. Talk to a security member from any music venue anywhere and you’ll be given a treasure trove of stories. There are many good ones, some weird ones, a few involving unruly guests and countless other tidbits that make me chuckle. We want everyone to have fun, but in a peaceful and respectful way towards others.

Serenity isn’t just a name – it’s a state of mind. Every concertgoer that walks through the door is looked after with their safety our greatest priority. If you ever need us, just look for the guys wearing all black and smiles. We take pretty awesome pictures, too.

Local Music Scene: Denton

Local music is what feeds us as music lovers here at Granada, and we couldn’t be more pumped to get to experience what’s going on in our neighboring cities. It seems to us that DFW is becoming an area of musical growth, where local musicians can flex their talents and keep the art of live performances alive. We owe our thanks for this, mostly in part, to our music loving neighbors to the north, Denton, Texas. We can’t pinpoint exactly where this musical energy is coming from, but if we had to guess, the University of North Texas’ excellent music program, the vast variety of Denton music venues, and the curation of Denton music festivals such as Oaktopia, 35 Denton, and Denton Arts and Jazz Fest, are responsible, and allow the DFW artistic community to grow.

Any night of the week you can walk around the square in Denton and find live music flourishing. Andy’s Bar has live music almost every night of the week, focusing on hip hop, and singer-songwriters. Venture upstairs, and our favorite speakeasy, Paschall Bar, provides us with live jazz every Sunday night from 9PM-12AM. Stroll east of the square to one of Denton’s newer music venues, Harvest House, which can be found bumping funk and rock most nights of the week, with an extensive beer garden to pair with the tunes. Although the town may be a smaller college town, the music scene is full of endless possibilities, with multiple house venues (Gatsby’s Mansion, Jagoe House, the 813) and many local businesses showcasing music (LSA Burger, Midway Crafthouse, J&J’s Pizza).

Because of this local musical expansion, we’ve seen many Denton bands come through Granada, further feeding our music-loving ears. Bands and artists such as Neon Indian, Eric Pulido (of Midlake and BNQT), Seryn, Jessie Frye, Doug Burr, Sarah Jaffe, Leoncarlo Canlas, Pearl Earl, and so many more, have graced our stages. Thanks Denton, and keep doing what you’re doing!

The New

Welcome to the new, y’all! We’re stoked to finally reveal our new site after months of concepting and roadmapping. It’s been quite a journey to get here, but we’re excited to unveil this beautiful site. With most any new site, we’re happy to hear any feedback on how we can improve the user experience for you please drop us a line at and share away!

The vision our team has for this blog is multi-fold. Not only do we want to bring you Granada news, but we want this to become a place for discovery. A huge passion of our entire venue is music discovery of all genre’s, so we’ll have posts dedicated to what we’re digging and listening to, as well as keep you up to date with special show announcements, offers/deals, DFW music news, and just a truly unique inside work of the inner workings, including pieces about our security team, team members who have some awesome stories to tell, and much much more.

We’re excited for what the remainder of 2017 has to offer, plus some awesome things to come in 2018 and beyond.