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There are first times for everything, and I’ll never forget some of the “firsts” that I experienced at Granada.

The first show: The sold-out, pre-A/C Granada Grizzly Bear show in June 2009. If anyone knows, Texas summers ain’t nothing to mess with and this night was no different. I was 16 at this point and had only had my license for a couple of months. I was eager to take friends there and after that show, even more eager to make Granada a regular occurrence in my life.


The first interview: I waited outside for at least 40 minutes until Gavin stumbled up and led me into (the then original) Snuffer’s. We had a brief chat and I guess the rest was history.


The Granada is a very special place. I’ll never forget the many phenomenal shows I’ve seen there (Beach House, Sleater-Kinney, Spiritualized, Cut Copy/Foals, to name a few). But what makes it more special are the people that I got to spend time with in that building. There is no better feeling than watching the audience in a sold-out room, then turning to your co-workers, giving them high-fives, and saying “we did this.”

My favorite memories: M83 (2 NIGHTZ, shout out to P-Hen for that one), Girl Talk, XX Dating Game, Breaking Bad parties, Spice World, Cliques & Flicks, World Cup Watch Parties, the salsa report on Taco Friday, Spiritualized, Jens Lekman, Sleater-Kinney, Scott Stapp (top 5 shows of this year for real. Also the only artist I ever tried to take a picture with).


The past few years have been the best years of my life yet. To Mike & Julia: thank you for being our rocks, for allowing Granada to exist and the fun times to continue. To the Taco Team, Rachel, Mel, Jenn, Events ladies, venue crew, and interns past and present: you guys are the best, work rarely felt like work when I was alongside y’all.

Now this is the beat that I want to go out to. To many more emojis, memes, and blasting of rap music. “Goodbye horses, I’m flying over you..” Sleepy T out.

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