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Spending my summer as a marketing intern at Granada was nothing like what I imagined. I had this picture in my head of a chaotic office with people scrambling to get work done and show posters strewn about while some indie rock music played and everyone chatted–a typical artistic environment. I could not have been more wrong. The apartment-turned-office has an atmospheric calm that is very hard to break. While there are show posters and tunes playing, the posters of past shows are hung neatly on the walls and the ambient music is usually the sometimes strange melodic jams from CMAC’s latest playlist. It is one of the most focused, yet fun environments I have ever experienced.

Choosing some of my favorites was hard, but here it is:

Running the Granada Tumblr: Posting for the Granada Tumblr all summer was so fun! Initially, I was worried about having to run a professional Tumblr, so different from the Tumblr I am used to. After about a day I realized, our posts are hilarious. They are snarky and clever and nothing like your average business’ blog. Getting to add to this awesome platform was a treat.

Discovering artists: I tried to check out all of the artists that were rolling through our stage and I don’t know how I didn’t know some of them before. My personal favorites are Allen Stone and Xavier Rudd. I first saw this video of Allen Stone on Tumblr and I was immediately in love with his distinctive style and the clarity of his voice.

For Xavier Rudd, I found his Instagram (@xavierruddofficial) while working on an assignment and was so intrigued by the photos of his incredible adventures. His sound fits this aesthetic so well and is now some of my favorite mellow music.

The Mess Ups: That one time Chris was like “Hey can you write a radio ad?’ and I was like “Yeah dude totally you know it!” That’s how I learned I can not write radio ads…
Also, that one time that I was having a nice cup of coffee with my lunch and I spilled it all over myself. I was already running a bit late to come back so I rushed over to Buffalo Exchange and picked up the first shirt I saw that matched my outfit and ran back to Granada… sometimes we I learn the hard way.

Jamie xx: Getting to attend the Gorilla vs. Bear V show with Jamie xx was definitely a highlight. Shows with an electronic artist like Jamie xx are so different than a “normal” concert because the music is less about singing along with the artist and more about letting go and dancing the night away. His use of lighting is incredible and the whole show was over the top in the best way.

Behind the Scenes: I learned so much about what really happens in marketing for concerts and events that I never could have even guessed. It isn’t all just poster designs and Instagram posts. The Promo team at Granada do so much analytic and data work to make their shows as fantastic as possible (it works!) and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn it. The work that goes on behind the scenes in endless and they do an incredible job of making it all look so easy. Y’all are the realest and I wish I could keep this internship forever… that’s what I get for being a summer intern.

Thank you Chris, Trang, and all of the Granada staff for being real life squad goals. ✌

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