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Starting next Thursday, Granada Theater will be showing a double feature of your favorite rockumentaries! Come enjoy the rest of the summer at Granada with $3 cover, $3 tallboys, and $3 shot specials.
Shut Up & Play the Hits 7:00

“Murphy is one hell of a frontman, and LCD Soundsystem is a deliriously exciting concert act.” – AV Club

“Shut Up and Play the Hits manages to effectively display the power of that final concert while putting the band’s leader into thoughtful cultural perspective.” – NPR

“”Shut Up” is graceful in its depiction of the performance, neither uncomfortably intimate nor shy.”- New York Times

Dave Chappelle’s Block Party 9:30

“Dave Chappelle’s Block Party is perhaps the first concert movie since Stop Making Sense to give you a blissful buzz.” – Entertainment Weekly

“A heady spirit of spontaneity permeates the proceedings, suggesting the entire pic, much like the concert it documents, was conceived, planned and completed in a single burst of creative enthusiasm.” – Variety

“Chappelle’s talent and the characters in the movie give it a universal appeal, even to those unfamiliar with hip-hop.” – Seattle Times

You’re Going to Miss Me 7:00

“There’s an undeniable fascination to watching the extensive footage of Erickson, whose yowling, manic vocals on display in the extensive archival performance footage contrasts dramatically with scenes of him in more recent times.” – Hollywood Reporter

“A sensitive case-study of a promising artist who fell afoul of the system but still managed, with the help of family, to reassemble his shattered life.” – Newsday

Be Here to Love Me 9:30

“[An] honest, sobering and poignant tribute to a tortured talent who died young and left behind a treasure chest of songs.” – Dallas Morning News

“An unnarrated collection of gently told reminiscences that rove impressionistically, the film touches on various points in a career that remained a well-kept secret from the start, when Van Zandt began performing in the late 1960s.” – Boston Globe

“Rather than connecting all the chronological dots, Brown has fashioned Van Zandt’s balm-to-the- brokenhearted legacy into potent cinematic poetry.” – Hollywood Reporter

Muscle Shoals 7:00

“Hall’s backstory, riddled with tragedy, gets the proper attention and respect here. But it’s the music that won’t let you stop watching.” – New York Daily News

“Only the genre’s most studious followers will be able to watch Muscle Shoals without being regularly astonished: Even if it sometimes gets lost in its byways, Greg “Freddy” Camalier’s documentary tells an extraordinary story.” – NPR

20 Feet From Stardom 9:30

“As long as you’re hearing the singing and stories of Lisa Fischer, Merry Clayton, and the great Darlene Love, you can bliss out on their passion.” – Entertainment Weekly

“Why should you see a documentary about backup singers? One look at the electrifying 20 Feet From Stardom and you’ll have the answer, that is, after you stop cheering.” – Rolling Stone

“Twenty Feet From Stardom wages a compelling crusade to get background singers some long-overdue recognition.” – Variety

The Kids Are Alright 7:00

“The Kids Are Alright is a movie that comes over as a celebration of rock’n’roll itself as much as of one of its more masterful exponents” – Time Out

“This is not a film about rock’n roll, it is rock’n roll.” – About

The Song Remains the Same 9:30

“Essentially a chord by chord documentation of their ’73 Madison Square concert, the heavy metal onslaught is intercut with lavish psychedelic effects, New York by night, seedy backstage wrangles, and five fantasy sequences.” – Time Out

Your summer nights just got better! Bring your friends along to watch these films and snack on Mom & Popcorn. Make sure you don’t miss these award winning rockumentaries!



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