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ZZ Ward is kicking off her Love and War tour at our very own Granada Theater in Dallas, Texas, on Friday, August 28th and I, for one couldn’t be happier.

On a hot May day in sunny Atlanta, I was walking around a music festival when a friend herded me into a tent to see a band I had never heard of. At first, I was just passing time in between shows. My perspective changed immediately as ZZ Ward hit her first chorus and I became entranced by her electric performance. I was in awe at the huge, room-filling voice and dynamic guitar riffs that had the whole room jumping. Within minutes, every person in the tent was dancing around and clapping, and this show became one of the highlights of a 3-day festival.

The sound of ZZ Ward is incredibly unique, because it blends a grassroots blues rock vibe with hip-hop influences to create a style that is totally her own. Tough, bluesy strings set against tight, heavy beats, combined with Ward’s commanding vocals ensure a powerful performance that won’t be soon forgotten. The passion and intensity delivered at her live shows ensure that anyone who attends this show will not be left standing still.

Check out ZZ Ward’s the visually entrancing video to her new single “Love 3X,” off of her album due out this Fall.

Tickets for the show 8/28/15 can be purchased here.



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