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Full-time Indie Rockers and part-time Beard Enthusiasts “Built to Spill” will be at the Granada Theater on Wednesday May 20th. This band has a special place in my heart because of their influence on my music and guitar playing. Built to Spill have been around since 1992 and have recently released their 8th studio album “Untethered Moon”. This album like many others have all the elements of what makes a great Built to Spill record. However, what separates this album from the others is the recent line-up change that includes¬†Jason Albertini from Helvetia (bass) and Steve Gere (drums). The new rhythm line-up ¬†has influenced Built to Spill’s sound to be more conventional and tight, focusing more on songwriting than guitar jams.

Aside from their latest album, Built to Spill’s live performance is a realm of guitar work and extended solos. Doug Martsch may be a modest soft-spoken musician but his guitar playing says otherwise. Martsch also makes a point to bring back a lot of the older Built to Spill songs in their setlist. Which can definitely be tricky with a eight studio albums and a handful of EP’s and collaborations.

Tickets for Built to Spill can be purchased here at our box office. Plus, check out some of our other guitar heavy events coming up this summer including: Best Coast and Junior Brown!



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