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Well folks, this is it. The swan song. The last hurrah. Today is officially my last day as a Granada Theater intern! *party emoji* *sad face emoji* As I reflect on the last few months (fondly, of course), I can’t help but play one of those slow motion 80’s sitcom montages in my head, complete with Sara McLaughlin soundtrack.

It’s hard to neatly sum up all that I learned this semester in only a few hundred words, but at the center of it all was this: promoting a show is hard, and doing it creatively is harder. In the Granada promo office, our goal was never just to sell tickets. It was to continually find ways to creatively engage our community. You don’t get to be one of the best venues in Dallas by focusing solely on the technical and neglecting the human.  This meant that every week was a challenge to create something new, while maintaining all of the systems we had in place already. Blogs, calendars, promotions, campaigns, websites. All of the hard work has to be done with diligence and patience, but then you get to to have some fun. Maybe that’s kicking back on a Wednesday afternoon to listen to people call in their crappy April Fool’s jokes or maybe it’s seeing bands shout us out on Twitter.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the staff, who function somewhere between well-oiled machine and dysfunctional office Christmas party at all times. There is also a dog that roams the office occasionally, during which time all productivity comes to a screeching halt. 

It’s glamorous, but not in a “sipping champagne with rock stars” kind of way. The gratification doesn’t come from your friends or the artists that play or the money made on a show (it’s an unpaid internship, after all). The glamour and the gratification come in the form of a quiet moment, surrounded by a crowd of people you don’t know. After weeks of promoting a show and writing blogs and annoying your friends on Facebook, you get to open a beer and watch Father John Misty play to a sold out crowd and say to yourself “I helped make this happen.

As with anything, your experience may vary, but if you’re in need of an internship, this is the place to be. Hiring for summer internships is in full swing so get your resume in soon!

A final thanks to everyone up in the Granada promo offices. ~ HAGS ~

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