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If you’re a Weepies fan (a Weeper?) then you know it’s been a hot minute since the pop-folk duo released a new album. 525,600 hot minutes to be exact. The Weepies last studio album Be My Thrill was released in 2010, just before the band parted ways with Netwerk Records. It peaked at number 3 on the Billboard folk charts and after its release, the band announced that it was recording independently and gearing up for touring, leaving Weepies fans (Cryers? Wailers?) excited for the future.

Fast forward: Sirens, the band’s 5th studio album, is due to be independently released on April 28th. The 5 years between the band’s last release Be My Thrill and now have been strenuous, emotional, and challenging, with Deb Talan, 1/2 of the husband and wife duo, being diagnosed with, treated for, and recovering from stage 2 breast cancer.

“Sirens was made literally upstairs from some very heavy emotions, but it wouldn’t have made sense to just sing about exactly what happened. The songs that made it to the surface are all informed by what went on below. It’s hard to say what exactly happened way down there, you can just feel it,” (Steve Tannen in an interview with Noisetrade).

Sirens is due out next Tuesday and is bound to tug at the colly strings, stirring Weepies fans live up to their name (Bawlers? I don’t know.).  Get your tickets here and catch The Weepies at Granada on June 15!

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