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Summer is upon us, Dallas. Enjoy these fleeting Spring days while you can because, as we all know, it’s about to get really freaking hot. Lucky for us, like a sweet gift of manna from the heavens, Best Coast’s third full-length studio album is set for release on May 4, just as summer wraps its warm, clammy hands around the lower half of the U.S. 

If the bands two new singles are any indication, California Nights is bound to be a sparkly rendition of Best Coast’s unique brand of west coast indie rock with some notably different influences, such as shoegaze favorites My Bloody Valentine and nineties-era pop punk. A midst the beefed up instrumentation, Bethany’s voice rings out truer than ever, singing familiar melodies about her home state. All in all, California Nights looks to be a welcome release as warmer temps start creeping in.

What’s more, Best Coast will be at Granada on June 24 and, while we can’t promise that they’ll bring any of that paradisaical west coast weather with them, they’ll at least make you forget how hot it is here (albeit briefly).

So go for a walk, fly a kite, rollerblade dangerously fast down Katy Trail in athletic shorts that haven’t fit you since high school. Do all the things that you’ll wish you could do while you’re lying under a ceiling fan in a puddle of your own sweat listening to California Nights on repeat. Then come see Best Coast at Granada on 6/24. Tickets here!

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