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With Furious 7  quickly approaching (and recently debuted at Austin’s SXSW), it’s only fitting that we kick off our Summer Mockbuster Series with arguably 2 of the franchise’s best installments: The Fast and The Furious and the most recent release Fast and Furious 6.

When I say best, I obviously mean most ridiculous (or, dare I say, Ludacris). In 14 years, not much has changed including Vin Diesel’s sleeveless, ageless tough guy physique. Seriously, that dude hasn’t aged since 2000. #DieselFuel. The driving stunts have gotten a little more absurd, the explosions have gotten a little more fiery, and we can’t forget to pour one out for our boy Paul Walker. But since its conception, The Fast and The Furious franchise has largely stuck to what it knows and that’s convoluted action flicks.

We’re not complaining though; The Fast and The Furious  and all its sequels are perfect fodder for a mockbuster night. Our screens will be up displaying your Twitter-gold alongside the likes of Dallas comedian Paul Varghese, drink specials will be in abundance (leave the nitrous at home), and did we mention we’re partnering with Do214? Yeah, this is kind of a big deal. 

Heist your tickets for The Fast and The Furious and Fast and Furious 6, then drift in to Granada on Sunday 3/29 for our Summer Mockbuster Kickoff.

Ride or die homies.

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