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Revered singer/songwriter/author/composer/street performer Amanda Palmer is coming to Granada on April 15!

In June of 2012, Amanda Palmer launched a kickstarter campaign with a goal of $100,000 in support of her album “Theatre is Evil.” By the time the campaign ended, Palmer’s fans had donated 12 times her goal, leaving her with a record setting $1.2m.. Though the campaign amassed its fair share of controversy, one thing was clear: Palmer’s fans believed in what she was doing, and with good reason.

Palmer is no stranger to the performing arts. Having pioneered bands The Dresden Dolls, and Evelyn Evelyn after her time at Wesleyan, written multiple musical productions, spent several years as a “living statue” around the world, written and published a memoir, and delivered a TED TalkPalmer is the definition of a seasoned pro.

Her solo work carries a self-awareness reminiscent of the punk scene from which she amerged, serving at times as a gritty, taboo narrative of her life. Her writing is always front and center, never giving way to extravagant instrumentation, but complemented by her dramatic live performance. Despite her Kickstarter-funded album’s title, Palmer’s live show is seething with theatrics, harkening to her background in musical theater and production.

Bottom line: the girl is talented and her performance on April 15 will be one you won’t want to miss. Check out Palmer’s music video for “The Killing Type” and get tickets to see her at Granada on 4/15!

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