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Come see -Topic open for Blackalicious on DEC 6


Tommy Simpson has no use for the wealthy pretensions of hip-hop that glorifies the bling, benjamins and Benzos lifestyle. He’s not rapping about Ciroc Vodka. He’s keeping it earthy, completely eye-level with his audience.

“My goal with music is to let everybody know that I am a human being and it’s cool to be a human being,” Topic says. “I am not the most wealthy person. I don’t have everything. I go through issues like everybody else. I think people want to hear something they can relate to other than a song that has them wishing forever. I don’t want to rap about fancy cars. I want to make people smile, make people feel some kind of emotion. People are getting tired of hearing the same thing over and over. Just be honest with people.”

-Topic is becoming a staple of Dallas Music. See him open for Blackalicious on DEC 6

Be Good & Do Well by -topic.

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