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Dallas’ Historic Granada Theater 10th Anniversary Celebration – September 30th

 Allen Stone Poster

[Dallas, TX – September 18, 2014] – A certain Dallas live music cornerstone and private event space, the Granada Theater, has been rocking Greenville Ave. for 10 great years. Ranked by USA TODAY as one of the country’s top 10 live music venues, the space has become the go-to choice for today’s top artists and musicians.

As we celebrate 10 years on top, we hope to pay homage to our rich history and to the ideals that helped us get to where we are today. Granada Theater was first built by Phil Isley in 1946 as a 700-seat, first-run movie house. Thirty-one years later it was sub-leased by John Caruth who had the risky but creative idea of turning the theater into a music hall. One famed night, Caruth’s vision came to being when Muddy Waters and The Allman Brothers Band played to a sold-out crowd. As Caruth’s tenure ended in ’87, over 200 loyal patrons staged a candle-light vigil in protest of closing the beloved theater to an unknown fate.

It would take a special person to bring the music hall back to life and to give it the zeitgeist it needed to succeed in a modern market. That special person was current owner, Mike Schoder, who opened the doors to Granada Theater in 2004. Schoder’s visionary management along side with Julia Garton has since elevated the theater to new heights as artists like Adele, Blondie, Wilco, The Avett Brothers, The Black Keys and many more have played to sold-out crowds that return again and again to the music gem of Dallas.

A successful decade later, and in true Granada Theater fashion, we’re celebrating this milestone with live music. It was important to us that we found just the artist to play for our celebration. We thought to ourselves, “the music to celebrate this milestone must have life; it must have soul, and it also must bear reverence to all the great people and things that have come before it.” We feel we have found just the voice to embody this notion and we will be hosting the singer-songwriter, Allen Stone, on September 30th. Allen Stone describes himself as “a hippie with soul,” and his music reflects both sides of this formula. His vocals, melodic style and lyrics show the clear influence of classic soul and R&B of the 1960s and ‘70s, but his lyrics root him as a contemporary voice of our time, and show his ideals and hopes for the future.

In a time of autotune-refined voices and computer-crafted songs, Stone has been hailed by USA TODAY as a “pitch perfect powerhouse.” He also chose to record his last album in the surroundings of his rustic Washington State cabin, rather than on his laptop because that’s just his style. We tip our hats off to artists such as this, who borrow from the old and keep with the new, who are a voice for the future, but pastoral in their approach to art. It’s a rare bird these days, and we’d like to think that some might say the same about our Theater.

We are honored to have Stone represent the very ideals we aim to celebrate on our tenth anniversary: soulfulness, reverence for the past, hope for the future, hard work, and most importantly, good live music and good times. Don’t miss our epic birthday celebration on September 30th chance to see one of this decade’s true soldiers of soul, rhythm and blues. To purchase tickets go to –

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