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I-Drenz will be opening for Jimmy Cliff on October 4th


If you’ve been keeping an eye on Sundown’s concert calendar, you’ve no doubt seen the name I-Drenz quite a bit. But who is this band that we love so much?

The I-Drenz is a 6-piece sound system that seamlessly blends styles from many different genres of music, while still having their roots firmly planted in Reggae music, thanks to the authentic Jamaican voice and style of Kingston’s own, Andre Prehay. His authentic delivery, originality, and cadence, is what sets The I-Drenz apart from all other regional Reggae acts.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica on June 9th, 1982, Andre Prehay fell in love with music at a very early age. At the age of nine, Andre wrote his first song ‘Three Little Black Birds’. Six years later, he recorded and produced a collaboration ‘Keep Burning the Fire’ featuring fellow musicians Indecka and Ovadosa. He migrated to Dallas, Texas.

I-Drenz will be opening for fellow Jamaican Jimmy Cliff on October 4th

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