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Delta Spirit2

Delta Spirit will release their new album “Into The Wide” on September 9th and the very next day they will perform at Granada Theater.  Being one of the earliest stops on their tour, the band will be pumped up with adrenaline and won’t leave a single ounce of that energy out of their performance.

The band received some criticism on their last album for experimenting with different genres than what built their fan base.  However the themes that inspire Delta Spirit are consistent.  Relationships are the key ingredient in their writing.  Whether the song is about a break up or new journey, Matt Vasquez is constantly self-reflective.  His use of inflection makes you feel the heartbreak, empowerment, or quandary of the song.  That is the intent, to have the audience relate to the performance and feel the message.  Delta Spirit does not and will not disappoint in their delivery on Wednesday, September 10th.

Tickets are only $24.  Pick them up here, the show is next week already!

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