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From the far corners of the internet lies Doss, a solo electronic artist who has been relatively successful in maintaining her anonymous identity. Up until her debut EP release this past April, Doss was only revealed to the world by a few remixes here and there including How To Dress Well’s “& It Was U” and Wildarms’ “Full Hearts”.

In the same vein as Doss’ AcephalĂ© labelmates, including Korallreven and Elite Gymnastics, the EP features four tracks that brings out a blend of trance, house, and her own self-labeled genre of “emotional dance music.” In an age where the latest club hits are entrenched with bass-heavy and repetitive beats, Doss delivers tracks that keeps things interesting. Within Doss, we hear what her label would describe as “the true sound of tomorrow,” yet what makes Doss so special is perhaps an unexplained paradox of how the tunes can make one reminisce yet anticipate at the same time.

Doss will be performing alongside Panda Bear, Sophie, Ejecta, and Blues Control on September 12th. Tickets are still available here.

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