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The Summer Mockbusters have been such a blast so far!  We’re so excited to end our Summer Mockbusters series with ARMAGEDDON, on Aug 9th.  We’ve been looking forward to this one for a long time.  Armageddon was the first movie we thought of when we decided to do this series, and the perfect finale  to the Summer Mockbusters.  This movie was like Space-Titanic!  It had the love story, the theme song that got overplayed on the radio, the hero’s sacrifice, and the giant object on a crash course (except it’s an asteroid instead of an iceberg).  But as bad as Armageddon was… it’s weirdly in the Criterion Collection!  Why?  Why would that happen?  I’ll spend the rest of my waking days wondering how that could have possibly happened.

As always, we’ve collected some of our favorite “One Star” Amazon reviews for the film.  Check ’em out, and mark your calendar for the free screening of Armageddon on Aug 9th!




“I saw Deep Impact before I saw this movie, and expected Armageddon to be the better film. I was quite let down, to say the least.”



“I watched this movie with the expectation that if I didn’t take anything away from it, at least I would have been entertained.  Oh God, I was wrong.”



“The one good thing this movie had going for it was the Aerosmith song, but then the radio started playing it over and over and over!”



“This is a great film for those with the attention span of about 15 seconds.”



“Rent Deep Impact.”



“It was pure hell to sit through! Do yourself a favor, avoid this movie! You may die bye the time it’s over!”



“It’s only redeeming quality is that some of the scenes look cool.”



“This movie is a brutal, unforgiving, assualt on our senses and an insult to our intelligence.”



“This is a lackluster not a blockbuster.”




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