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The Con Air Mockbuster screening is this Friday!  Given how awesome the Space Jam screening was, we’re super excited to see everyone’s tweets for this movie.  With all the mullets, bad accents, ridiculous special effects and wife beaters… this should be a hilarious night!  We took another look at to find some of the best “one star” reviews of Con Air, and you’ll find the highlights below.  

Enjoy, and we’ll see you at the free screening of Con Air on July 11th at 8pm!  

(And come early to join our paper airplane contest for a chance to win free tickets to any Granada show!)




“… if you have a problem sleeping you just found your cure.”




“If you are looking for a “just action – no brains” movie, this one is definitely the right movie for you.”




“I can only say that Nic must have done this movie for the cash only.”




“If you have nothing better to do for two hours than be entertained by explosions and cheap thrills, then this film is for you.”




“i was and am very unhappy”




“The cinemanographic techniques (slow motion, etc) didn’t work well… Scripting was ridiculous, dialogue was appalling and dialogue was even worse.”




“John Malcovich does a good job but that doesnt make up for a sucky movie.”




“It’s action is sluggish, and it’s climax is proposterous. I wasn’t excepting a very intelligent movie, but this is just terrible. If I had the option, I would give it no stars.”




If you are a child, you might enjoy this film.”




“…you can’t fool us with this absurd tale about a bunch of convicts joining together, working together like friends, “if you’re bad like me, you’re cool.” Pleeeeze. In the real world, they’d all kill each other once the cops were out of the picture.”




“Avoid like the plague. Unless you like self-mutilation”




“I hate to admit I actually own this thing on VHS”

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