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This is a night of Texas glory.  Lone Star State musicians Bob Schneider, Nelo and Luke Wade & No Civillians gather at Granada Theater to continue the celebration of Independence Day.

The combination of Matt Raggland’s soulful lyrics sets a stage for Reid Umstattd’s vocals.  Which remind me of a less astringent John Popper (Blues Traveler lead vocalist), fluctuating his pitch smoothly within a single breadth.  He carries the end of each lyric and gets his message across while calling the hair on your arms to attention. Inspired by Dave Matthew’s Band’s brilliant saxophonist LeRoi Moore, Nelo continues his legacy by showering their own saxophonist  Brian Donahoe with solos.

Nelo has taken a grassroots approach to garner a loyal fan base.  By constantly touring they’re the band with die-hard fans following them on every stop.   Here at Granada Theater, we are thrilled to welcome back Nelo and their fans.  If you haven’t heard them, come check them out on Saturday, July 5th, along with Headliner Bob Schneider and opening act Luke Wade & No Civillians.  You’re sure to become a traveling groupie afterwards.

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