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Wow!  The first Mockbuster event was a huge success and a ton of fun!  We had such a blast laughing at all of the hilarious commentary provided by the Dallas Comedy House, and everyone in the audience!  I’ll personally never be able to see Space Jam the same way again!  We wanted to give some special recognition to the tweets that really cracked us up, so here’s a collection of our favorite tweets from the Space Jam Mockbuster:


Philip Masters ‏@punkyjewster03  Jun 21

@granadatheater these masturbation jokes flew over my head when I was 10

@granadatheater Barkley has never looked more lifelike

@granadatheater Barkley stopped acting when that alien entered him.

@granadatheater Fun Fact: When they returned Charles Barkley’s basketball talent, they did not also give back his broadcasting talent.

@granadatheater I want to believe the director chose Jordan for his ability to emote and not his skills on the court

@granadatheater Man, He Got Game really doesn’t hold up well

“Being in Space Jam made not being successful in life ok – Larry “Grand Ma Ma” Johnson @granadatheater

@granadatheater Right now Bill Murray is thinking, “MAN I can’t wait to finish this movie so I can start working on Garfield”

@granadatheater Larry Bird has a face like a gd catcher’s mitt

@granadatheater Michael Jordan’s skin has a perpetual playful shine to it. I wish that for us all. #effervescent

@granadatheater Larry Bird is also an actual Larry

@granadatheater Larry Bird’s range is amazing from awkward white guy to mildly bemused Caucasian

@granadatheater these toons sure are Looney

@granadatheater The blue Monstar looks like Herman Munster and Steve Buscemi had a baby and peed on it

@granadatheater as an adult its hard not to see this as MJ having a bad LSD trip #spacejamconfessions

@granadatheater Why didn’t Charles Barkley win an Oscar for that groundbreaking performance?

Best movie soundtrack #spacejam #amiright @granadatheater

@granadatheater Barry White and Space Jam go together like ham and gum

@granadatheater Well, I didn’t come here with the intention of having a boner, but here we are.

@granadatheater Mugsy Bogues: Astrophysicist never took off

@granadatheater the whole theater just got a basketball Jones in their pants for Ms. Lola Bunny

@granadatheater I bet Bugs and Lola f like rabbits get it

@granadatheater When Bunny goes stiff after meeting Lola? It’s funny ’cause boner.

The Kinks would like to remind you that Lola Bunny is a dude @granadatheater

@granadatheater …is that SEAL?

@Granadatheater can you tell @JaimesonPaul to calm down? I’m not even there and he’s my entire Twitter wall.

@granadatheater play this dunk montage at my funereal

@granadatheater RT if you think “Space Jam” would make a cool euphemism for alien semen

RT if you want the #tunesquad to win. Fav if you want the monstars to lose. @granadatheater

@granadatheater I remember the time my friends and I sheepishly asked a black guy to help us beat a bunch of bullies

@granadatheater taz munchin hard on dem bawlz.

@granadatheater most guys in this room wanna bang a cartoon rabbit

@granadatheater Why was there not a pron called “Face Jam”? Could’ve been the Poon Squad vs the MonsterCocks

@granadatheater Granny’s signature move “The Granny Slammer” @braintasm

@granadatheater Let’s just go out there and have fun. It’s not like Earth’s fate is on the line or anything

@granadatheater I don’t think MJ has any real lines, they just told him to stand there and make moody, confused faces

@granadatheater technical foul on the Monstars for all having the same number. Hope they brought other jerseys

@granadatheater a Looney Tune alien is Reffing this game. That’s a solid use of information by the writers

@granadatheater Danny DeVito is actually playing himself in this movie

If they are playing in Looney tune land.. Who the hell keeps cheering for the aliens? @granadatheater

@granadatheater I’m betting dollars to donuts one of these “Monstars” actually has a heart of gold

So we’re not calling traveling in this game? Most realistic part of the movie @granadatheater

@granadatheater So fouls and traveling are legal, I guess. Are you watching the same game I am, Marvin?

@granadatheater nobody ruin the ending for me but does earth die

Burning Foghorn Leghorn was definitely a fowl @granadatheater

@granadatheater this theater should’ve had a drink special called “Michael’s secret stuff.”

@granadatheater michaels secret stuff is an obviously allusion to the PED abuse in pro sports. #wakeupsheeple

This whole movie is a look into player attitudes about steroids. @granadatheater

@granadatheater So the lesson of this movie is if you can’t win, find an edge with chemical substances that defy God’s will?

@granadatheater the writers of this movie passed up an easy “fowl”/”foul” Daffy Duck pun #l0zers

Hulk Hogan thinks MJ has too much baby oil on @granadatheater

@granadatheater Lotta good butt jokes in this game

@granadatheater Roaring applause for Elmer Fudd. This is the life.

@granadatheater Porky’s direct-to-video “Space Ham” is a really underrated sequel to this movie

@granadatheater PLOT TWIST: Michael Jordan just ate some bad shrooms while golfing

MJ is gambling again. #whatasurprise @granadatheater

WHERE ARE THE REFS???? @granadatheater

Bugs bunny classic captain save a hoe @granadatheater

Space Jam really is Alejandro Jodorowsky ‘s ultimate work. @granadatheater

@granadatheater Tweety gets an ACME iron lung? Thanks Obamacare!

@granadatheater If this was LeBron he’d be getting ready to cramp up

@granadatheater Lola should have 6 breasts, does this not bother anyone else? is zoology dead?

There’s quite a bit of body shamming in Space Jam @granadatheater

@granadatheater Biggest applause goes to Mr. Murray. Things are alright. @amandaaustinDCH

@granadatheater Judging by the short sleeve red undershirt, Bill Murray has body confidence issues. YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL BILL!

@granadatheater Space Jam needed more Bill Murray and less Daffy Duck.

Must’ve been awkward passing to a green screen @granadatheater

@granadatheater if today doesn’t go well BM can just relive it again and again

@granadatheater BM said “You’re welcome for Space Jam.” At the end of Lost in Translation.

@granadatheater Too bad Judge Doom is destroying Toon Town anyway.

@granadatheater There’s gonna be a sick celebration riot after that game.

@granadatheater good thing they had a megaphone and uniform on that ship

@granadatheater this is beautiful

MJ went 0-3 with an error in that baseball game @granadatheater

@granadatheater so we just gonna forget about that fact that we all just saw a cartoon spaceship?

@granadatheater Space Jam is a great lesson in under and over-acting. And Bill Murray.

@granadatheater butt_pregnant could’ve just tweeted his name over and over bcuz butts n pregz lol

…back in the 90s when movies were only 90 minutes @granadatheater #spacejam

@granadatheater this was a delight

I NEED the soundtrack to this movie. @granadatheater

Such a fun night at @granadatheater making fun of basketball players and cheering for Bill Murray!! #spacejam plus that soundtrack be bangin


Thanks to everyone who came out, and a huge thanks for making this an incredible first Mockbuster screening!  We’ll see you July 11th, for the Con Air Mockbuster!

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