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The time has finally come! Grab your ToonSquad jerseys and your phone as we present Space Jam this Saturday as our first Summer Mockbuster. We’ll be having a live Twitter feed on our two side screens throughout the movie so we can all join in on the fun and comment on our favorite parts of the movie. Now you can have the fun of seeing a so-bad-its-good movie with crowd commentary! Plus, did we mention this is free?!

To get everyone into the spirit, we’ve collected some of our favorite Space Jam tweets of all time:

@SirKamBam – “Sometimes I think of other life outside of the world and then maybe that we are alone out here. Then I think of Space Jam”

@WhoDat – “My intern says he doesn’t like Space Jam… That’s a rough start to this kid’s career”

@cakemittens – “If I ever get a tattoo it’ll be something simple and timeless like geometric shapes, flowers, or a VHS of Space Jam”

@Bballforeverfb – “Fly like an Eagle gets me too hype. #spacejam”

@hasanminhaj – “Major Space Jam plot hole: Why would aliens come to earth to steal Shawn Bradley’s powers?”

The venue will be fully seated and we’ll have comedians from the Dallas Comedy House joining in on the fun to guarantee we all get some great Twitter laughs! Doors open at 7 pm, and the fun begins at 8 pm. Join us for the summer event that let’s us all be kids again!

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