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  1. fathersday
  2. With Father’s Day right around the corner, Granada Theater has the perfect thoughtful gift for any dad.  The best gift is a shared experience.  Check out our list.  Who does your dad relate to the most?


  1. Your dad was a tie-dye t-shirt junkie

Forgotten Space, an award winning Grateful Dead tribute band will surely inspire memories of Woodstock.  Forgotten Space brings the experience and sound of Grateful Dead.  Slide guitar solos that will make you sway as your dad relives the days of listening to records  in the dorm, being one with Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir.   $18- $40

  1. Your dad’s claim to fame is that he remembers when MTV only played music videos.

Peter Gabriel was still apart of Genesis, Mr. Roboto by Styx saturated the radio, and your dad’s hair might have been long, maybe even feathered.  Asia’s newest album Gravitas shows that the band has not steered away from their signature 80’s melodies.  With hits like “Heat of the Moment”, “Go” and, “Only Time Will Tell” this electronic, progressive-rock super group is a rare live experience that you and your dad need to share. $40-$90

  1.  Your dad’s youth is reminiscent of the movie Dazed and Confused

You’ve seen the movie with Matthew McConaughey’s famous line and the KISS statue in Pink’s car.  We can all relate to the young rebellious tribulation of Pink, but your dad can definitely relate to the wardrobe, the cars, and most importantly the music.  Little Feat’s Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett continue on as acoustic duo playing 70’s americana country-rock.  Paul Barrere on the acoustic guitar paired with Fred Tackett’s mandolin magic is a poetic pairing. $30- $58

So whatever kind of man your pops is, concert tickets is always a great gift!

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