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This Friday, local-Dallas rockers Nelo will be hitting our Granada stage HARD with their majorly catchy style of ballad-rocking, as part of their “Whiskey and Love” tour.  Their new self-titled album (released in Feb.) is both energetic and heartfelt, and features their awesome single “Old Friends”.  In anticipation of their upcoming show at Granada, we got with he band to play a little game of “Would You Rather”… these were their answers:

WOULD YOU RATHER:  Accidentally commit a serious crime and get away with it, or be convicted of a serious crime you didn’t commit?

Commit a serious crime and get away with it. Depending on the crime of course. There are certain crimes that I would never choose to commit over any alternative. But I’d rather get away with doing something stupid like stealing something rather than go to jail for not doing anything. Knowing myself though, if I ever stole anything, I would just give it back. My conscience is just too much of a force to be reckoned with. I remember stealing cigars at the local grocery store because I was too young to buy them. I would slide the cigars into my pocket very discreetly and then leave the cost of the cigars on the counter next to the checkout register when the clerk wasn’t looking on my way out. Of course I knew if was caught I could then say “but look, I left the money.” But in all truth, I just couldn’t bring myself to actually steal the cigars.

WOULD YOU RATHER:  only listen to music made in the past ten years or only listen to music meant for ten-year-olds?

Music in the last ten years. OF COURSE!!

WOULD YOU RATHER:  not be able to hear in stereo or not be able to see in 3d?

Wow. Thats tough. I think I would rather not be able to hear in stereo. Mono isn’t all THAT bad. And much of what I write about is very much tied to the 3d world around me. I think in some ways I might need to be able to see depth in order to write about it.

WOULD YOU RATHER:  forget how to play/write music, forget who all of your loved ones are, or forget everything you learned in school?

Absolutely forget everything I learned in school. I NEED to write music and I NEED to be with the people I love… or at least to know they are there. There is nothing I can’t learn again. To lose my creative outlet or to lose my memories with the people I love is just too much.

WOULD YOU RATHER:  lose your sense of smell, sense of balance, or sense of pitch?

I’d rather lose my sense of smell. I have too much energy to not be able to move without falling on my face. And if I lost my sense of pitch, I wouldn’t be able to write music. Too much of my happiness derives from writing music and moving around!


Nelo will perform live at the Granada Theater on Friday, May 16th (with Thieving Birds and The Novel Ideas).


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