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Stryper will be returning on June 20th.

Alright everyone, get your tinfoil hats out, I’m about to take you down the rabbit hole.


As long as there has been Rock ‘n Roll music, it’s been associated with The Devil. I’ve always been fascinated with supposed satanic messages in Rock music.  This seems to have been popularized in the 80’s as Wikipedia says, Backmasking has been a controversial topic in the United States since the 1980s, when allegations from Christian groups of its use for Satanic purposes were made against prominent rock musicians, leading to record-burning protests and proposed anti-backmasking legislation by state and federal governments”


Well this got me thinking, If “satanic music” has evil messages backwards, does Christian music have spiritual messages hidden in reverse? Apparently there is.

So come have your soul saved at Stryper on June 20th. Satan lost.

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