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Come see Royal Canoe opening for Bombay Bicycle Club on May 17th
Every now and again we announce a support band that simply blows my mind. I’ve found some of my favorite acts this way, and the one I’m here to discuss today is Royal Canoe who is opening for Bombay Bicycle Club.

(this is an amazing video)

As I watched their youtube videos, I remember slowly liking more and more as I saw each new song. Eventually I found one that just simply blew my mind:

Nightcrawlin’ starts out really slow. I wanted to keep watching to see where they were going with this. Immediately I’m struck with the pitch-shifted vocals, these guys must listen to chopped/screwed music lol. But its building so slowly, I mean where is the harmony? As the beat builds the occasional sonic flourishes kick in. Finally halfway through the video a guitar starts, followed by an unexpectedly pretty bridge. Then when the main part kicks in with the full band its so intense and euphoric, and I realize the whole song was building me up to this point, and if it wasn’t so sparse in the beginning the feelings of relief and joy would not exist in the song at the climax.

Also, I can’t help but think the title ‘Nightcrawlin’ is a reference to It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Anyway this is a great fit for Bombay, and expect to be blown away by their live performance, and Bombay Bicycle Club’s new LP aint too shabby either. You can expect a must-see concert on that night.

Come see Royal Canoe opening for Bombay Bicycle Club on May 17th

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