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Dallas, meet Valinda, the first person to find one of our Challenge Coins during last week’s White Lies show!
We asked her some questions so we can figure out just how the hell she managed to do it (surely she’s got some kind of cyborg eye, or a superpower to  sense the presence of nearby coins)… but it turns out she’s just very perceptive.
First off, congratulations!  How does it feel to be the first winner?
Thankies!!  I kinda had a strong intuition that I was going to be the first winner.  Yes, I am bragging.  My friend (who came to the concert with me) had doubt in me and did not believe a word I was saying.  I was trying to tell him to search for it when we got there.  He didn’t believe there was one, until I got it into my own hands of course.

– Tell me a bit about your search strategy, what was your game plan walking through the doors? I wasn’t searching at all, I just saw something shiny and was pointing towards the coin and said “OOOOH what’s that!?!”

– Did you do any kind of training to get ready for the challenge?  I bet you had your head in alot of “I Spy” and “Where’s Waldo?” books.
I felt like it was more of a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie.  Basically, Willy Wonka trained me to find the Golden Ticket.  I had the same reaction when Charlie found the last golden ticket and ran all the way home to show his family.  I did the exact same, except I was running to the front of the venue to get good spot to watch the show.
– Where’d you end up finding it?
I found it on the wall near the bar.  It was so bright and it caught my eye so quickly.  Like I said…I basically said, “OOOOH what’s that!?!”
– How fast do you think you found it?  Do you think anyone will be able to beat your speed in the future?
Oh… when I walked straight into the venue it didn’t even take a second.  My friend laughed at me when I was running straight towards it.
– You found it pretty fast, how good are you at Easter egg hunts?
Don’t get me started on Easter Egg hunts… Last year, I climbed trees to get an egg.  An egg with nothing in it.
– Have you ever considered using your skills to fight crime somehow?
I would probably run away from the crime, because I don’t know how to kick ass.  I can kick ass in any game, and fight crime there.  Kinda felt like I kinda had gamer skill to find this coin.
– If there was a mysterious murder in the Theater, could we count on you to find the clues to solve the case?
Definitely, I’ve always thought I was good at getting down to the bottom of things.  I mean how else would I have found out what this whole coin event was going on without researching about this event.
– What are you going to do now that you’ve won?  Is there a show you want to trade the coin for, or will you just hang it above the mantle among your other trophies?
Well now, I shall take pretty pictures of it and post in online soon to brag about it.  Duh.  But I haven’t decided what show I would want to go to yet.  I want to keep it forever, because it’s a beauty, but I would give up that coin for a show obviously.
– Have you ever won any other trophies?
I won multiple trophies in Taekwondoe… so technically I could fight crime, to answer the question you had earlier.  I have a trophy that’s six feet tall that I won for nationals… but no one really knows about that unless they go to my house and ask about it.
– Have you used the coin recently in any kind of coin toss situation?
No… but that’s a good idea.  I’m going to do that soon, but my friend tried to take it away from me because he was jealous, if that counts as a coin toss, since he witnessed me getting the coin.  He thinks that he should’ve deserved it, because he took me to this concert… but the one who found it deserves it right?!?
– Last question, Marry / Boff / Kill:  The Challenge Coin, The Hope Diamond, The Declaration of Independence
Boff The Challenge Coin… Kill The Hope Diamond… and MARRY THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE!
There will be challenge coins hidden during EVERY Granada show this year.  So be on the look out, and try and beat her record (if you can).
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