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Almost a year ago, we did the unthinkable: squeezing various bachelors and bachelorettes together on the Sundown at Granada rooftop and putting our Cupid costumes on to match these guys and gals up with potentially the people of their dreams. All in good spirit, we knew The xx would provide the perfect Valentine’s Day date, so when we saw this opportunity, we said: “why not?” In light of Valentine’s Day this week, we decided to catch up with a few of the participants of the Dating Game last year about their experience.

If you missed part one with Matt and Rachel, you can head on over here to read their thoughts on the game.

What did you expect going into the dating game?
Going into the game I expected an adventure, a good story to tell, and tickets to an amazing show!

What were some of your favorite or most memorable questions during the game?
Memorable questions.. I for sure remember “if our first date was a movie, what movie would it be and why?” And then the one about “treat this pillow like it’s my face…” because one of the guys just started making out with it!

Was there a specific answer that made you pick that particular person? If so, what was it?
Honestly it was the answers from the other guys that made it so I didn’t choose them more then a specific answer from the guy I chose. Who want’s a guy more in love with whiskey then anything else?

What historical event is most like the date you went on?
Historical event?! Um. The Lincoln Assassination because we got to sit in the balcony.. but nobody got shot. And my date wasn’t Lincoln. Similar beards but he wouldn’t rock a top hat!

How has this experience affected your view of blind dates? Have you been on one since?
It made them seem more fun actually! Once you make it through a blind date in a public setting normal ones suddenly seem less daunting. Since the Dating Game I have been on a couple; one was TERRIBLE (Star Trek reference in the first minute? Not really my cup of earl grey…) and the other one was really great and I have been seeing him since! D’awwwwww

What one thing did you learn about your date that fascinated you?
He had attended cooking school before becoming a graphic designer and was a really great cook!

If present day you could give Dating Game Bachelorette you a piece of advice entering the game, what would it be?
I could say typical cheesy things like “have fun!” or “imagine the audience naked!” but then his family might be in the audience (true story) and you might meet them right after you say your first hello (another true story) AND you might have the same name as his sister (yup, still true.). So really the best advice I can give is to bring along an amazing friend to laugh with and be sure to drink lots of mimosas!

What did you expect going into the dating game?
My expectations were set very low. I was a last minute addition and so I mostly expected I’d be day-drunk and I’d make a fool of myself in front of a bunch of people.

What were some of your favorite questions that were asked during the game? Which was the most memorable one that you answered?
I don’t remember a bunch of the questions! Whoops. Describing the other bachelor in 5 words was a good one, but hard because you had to be able to count and drink at the same time. I was almost not prepared.

What was your first thought when your Bachelorette was revealed?
We sort of cheated and accidentally met before the game. I was relieved she chose me though. I got lucky and had the best bachelorette in my round.

How has this experience affected the way you view blind dates? Would you go on another?
It was my first blind date ever? I’d do it again.

If your date were a beverage, what would they be? How?
She was a radler… great mix of drinkability, effervescence and sweetness.

Ultimately, was it worth it?
Yeah it was! I had an excellent time and it was really great to get to meet Erin and spend time with her.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s pairing. We’re proud to be a part of you “d’aw” dosage for the day.

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