The Granada Theater - Logo
3524 Greenville Ave Dallas, TX 75206


2014 marks 10 years since owner Mike Schoder bought the Granada Theater and we are celebrating all year long with these swanky, limited edition Granada Theater Challenge Coins. Here’s how it will go down.

At every Granada show in 2014, we will have 1 challenge coin hidden somewhere inside Granada. Heads up that these coins will only be hidden where music fans have access to so you & your little buddies better not be sneaking behind the bar, in the kitchen, or backstage. Instead these coins will be somewhere inside the actual venue. So what does the Granada Challenge Coin get you?

The Granada Challenge Coin can be redeemed for free admission to any one show in 2014. All you have to do is turn in your challenge coin to a venue manager and you will be able to get into ANY show. Think of it as our version of Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket. Or you can keep the coin as a souvenir and make all your friends envious.

And who knows, maybe you’ll even find a Granada Challenge Coin hidden at Sundown at Granada next door or somewhere around Greenville Ave. We love treasure hunts.

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