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This Sunday, we’re picking up the second half of Walking Dead Season 4, and this might be the first time we’ve had so much up in the air at once!  The prison has been raided, the group has been totally split up.  Herschel’s death means we’ve lost the group’s key mentor and conscience.  Also, they’ve defeated The Governor, who has been their nemesis for a while now.  That’s alot of uncharted territory for the show to venture into.

With the raid on prison, and Rick’s amazing speech about how anyone can change,  the most interesting thing to take away from where the show has gone is that the writers have made us very aware that there’s no such thing as pure evil.   That anyone can be corrupted.  Before this intensely evil act, the episodes followed The Governor showed a sort of pitiful longing for affection, that driven to its limit, undoes The Governor.  And it makes the way he ran Woodbury seem less evil, and much more understandable.

But as soon as he has any of his power back with the new group, he does the most evil thing he can think of.  In this, The Governor almost shows the alternative response to being a leader.  Rick is always at odds about how he fits in the role as a leader to his group, but The Governor is steadfast.  Both are kind of oppressive and totally let power go to their heads, but the difference is that The Governor has made peace with the fact that there are only difficult decisions to make in their world.  Rick’s uneasiness with his identity as a leader seems to convey a positive favor toward adaptability.  It’s what we love about him: he’s not totally comfortable with that kind of power.  In the way that “the man who doesn’t want to be the ruler is the most suited for the job”.

Anyway, this might be the most exciting time to watch the show because it’s so full of possibility.  Honestly, the episodes with everyone getting sick in the infirmary felt like the show was buying time to build to this moment.  It kinda felt like being back on Herschel’s farm all over again.  But now I’m most excited about seeing Rick and Carl face being outside of the prison again, because that should be the core of a zombie show.  Surviving against all the zombies.

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