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There’s no shame in admitting that sometimes it’s better to leave the responsibility of driving to someone else.  When it comes down to it, there’s no denying that a $30 service fee wins over a DWI + fines any day.  This is where DFW DD comes to the rescue.  DFW DD is a local designated driver/ chauffeur service who prides themselves on quick pick ups and getting you and your car home safely when it’s not safe to drive.  So… what’s the catch? There isn’t one, their quick pick up hours on the weekend are from 10pm-4am and as far as their pre-scheduled pick up and chauffeuring services go, all they ask is that you call 1-3 hours ahead of time.  For more details call 1-864-DD4U-247 or just click here.

But what about when your already safe and sound at home, craving a late night snack but not wanting to get up?  That’s where P-nutty’s comes in.  P-nutty’s delivers snacks, food, drinks, and accessories to your home even at late hours.  They will grab food from anywhere that is within their delivery area.  So basically if it’s legal, they will deliver it.  As if that isn’t mind blowing enough, the best part is they will go anywhere from Deep Ellum and downtown to Uptown and University Park.  Whether you’re drunk, or just lazy, there’s no shame.  Check out their menu and give P-nutty’s a try, all they ask is that you make it a $10 minimum which shouldn’t be too hard if your stomach is as big as your eyes.  Don’t be shy and save these numbers, you know you wanna give it a try 469.232.PNUT (7688).


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