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Tonight’s post was written by our friends over at But I Just Like Music. They’ve got two different favorite shows from this year. You can read the rest of their fine work over at

As the preeminent music venue in the Dallas scene (HOB ain’t got nothin’ on ya), Granada Theater plays host to some of the best shows in Dallas after year. 2011 was no different as the venue saw the likes of Girl Talk, Panda Bear, Battles and many more. But looking back on the year that was it’s clear there were some shows that stood out more than others. And in keeping with our dueling styles, there just wasn’t any way Sissyphis and I could agree on just one favorite show. So for your reading pleasure, our latest installment of Duelling Reviews – The Best Granada Show of 2011.


Looking back on 2011, a lot of the year tends to blur together in a way that mixes together the second half of 2010 and the first half of 2011. So shows seen in the early part of the year for whatever reason feel like they happened in 2010. But, thanks to the magical wonders of YouTube, I’m only a few clicks away from a video year-in-review. Looking back – I have fond memories of both Battles and Okkervil River, but there’s one show that handily beat out both.

In March, longtime favorites The Walkmen came to town and put on one of the best shows of 2011. Coming off the release of arguably the best album of their career, The Walkmen performed a set that highlighted some of the best tracks from all five of their albums.

The best live shows are like a drug – they allow your mind to temporarily leave your current reality and travel to a place devoid of the every day stresses that can make life so difficult. The best live shows will force you to focus on the moment and feel the music and the energy of the crowd around you. The Walkmen delivered on that promise like few others have this year, making them my choice for the Best Granada Show of 2011.


My favorite show from 2011 is definitely a close call. You’ve got Battles, with their mediocrity-defying video displays; the Submarines and the Eels in a dream indie music paring; and Kasey Chambers, surprising me into liking a very country set.

But when it comes down to making a choice, there was one show this year that wasn’t just my favorite of 2011, but in my top 5 of all time (OF ALL TIME) – Okkervil River. Their September show blew me away with their passion and talent, and their ability to pull the crowd at the Granada into every song they played.

Okkervil River’s set incorporated everything a great Granada performance should – great lighting, an actual backdrop, a staggering number of instrument changes, and – above all – a performance from a great band that just had fun, from start to finish.

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