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It’s just been announced Toronto talent LIGHTS is bringin’ some pop to Granada this spring!  The Canadian electronica musician started her career in 2008, and eventually signed to her own personal label, Lights Music.  She was also awarded the Juno Award for “Best New Artist” in 2009 and toured with contemporary synthpop artist Owl City.

LIGHTS has mentioned her heaviest influences to her sound are Björk, ABBA, U2, and The Knife.  Her latest album ‘Siberia’ has dubstep roots and was released just this last October, making its debut as #3 on the Canadian Album Charts.  Her energetic, youthful sound attracts  an equally enthusiastic crowd, “causing the energy in the room to be high even before LIGHTS came on”, who enjoy bobbing their heads and aren’t afraid to flip some ponytails doin’ it.

It’s no wonder considering at any given show expect her to alternate between multiple instruments with ease, including an acoustic guitar, a couple keyboards, and of course her staple keytar.  After her visit to Washington last month she was described as “Showing off her musical ability throughout the entire night, pleasing the crowd with new songs from her album, Siberia as well as old favoritesThis is the perfect example of what live entertainment is supposed to be. LIGHTS put on a show that entertained everyone in the room and captivated their attention from beginning to end.”  So March 18th, welcome spring time by putting a little pop in your step and come see LIGHTS at Granada Theater.

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