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Alas, the year-end gatherings and round-ups are here. Across the web are featured Best Of lists that everyone racing around to finish. Well, we wanted to hear what you thought about this year. We’ve conjured up a list full of questions, but didn’t want to limit just to music. That’s why we’ve gathered everything from music to movies to food to even comedy.

So here’s to a new year but before we start that, let’s reminisce on this great one ending. Was that too cheesy?

[gravityform id=”14″ name=”Best of 2011″]

This form will close some time before the new year, we’ll round up everything and let you know the results of what everyone else thinks. We folks at Granada Theater want to thank y’all for an amazing 365 days of fun. Now go out there and spike your eggnog (or your grandma’s eggnog) and have a warm holiday season.

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