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Jonathan Reyes wrote today’s “Best Show Of The Year” entry and I gotta say that this show was one of my favorites as well. Yelle is a dynamite performer who was able to whip up the entire crowd into a frenzy. Read Jonathan’s take on the show below!

Est-ce que je parle français?

No, I don’t but that didn’t stop me from heading over to the Granada Theater to check out Yelle. One of
my favorite artists (Robyn) had shown the French singer some love and covered her song Ä Cause Des
Garcons in English. A co-sign from her is enough to get me in the door, however I wasn’t sure what to
expect. The show began and her silhouette emerged to pounding drums and concise lighting. The outfit
was eccentric but, judging by the crowd, the choice of clothing was not something unexpected.

pic by Bill Ellison

The crowd was entranced and so was I. Never so quickly had unknown song after unknown song
instantly jump into my mental list of songs I needed to hear again. As soon as I heard the beat to her
Robyn cover Qu Est Cette Fille, I knew I had come full circle and I did not want this night to end. Today’s
pop radio is full of dance club beats and mindless lyrics, but Yelle’s music is pop with substance.

It was amazing to see an artist with such energy and the crowd received life with every sung word. I
looked around and the variety of people in the room seemed to unite during the hour-long set. The
highlight of my night was Safari Disco club. The tribal drums with a great breakdown had the whole
crowd dancing the night away. It also helped her two-man band played double duty between playing
instruments and serving as background dancers. Often times, it was hard to focus on Yelle because
they were stealing the show with the funky moves. I dare anyone to see Yelle and her band live and not
dance. It’s impossible!

While other singers may have conformed to the language to break in the United States, Yelle stays true
to her roots and does not compromise the sound of her music. She even seemed shocked and humbled
by the response of the Granada audience. The crowd motivated Yelle with loud applause to come out
for a few more songs and she delivered two final tracks to cement her status as one of my favorite
concerts of 2011. I may not have understood the words but I understood the rhythm … and that rhythm
was intoxicating.

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