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Tonight’s blog post comes to us from Saphraine Nelson. Still can’t believe Blondie played our room this year. Debbie Harry still got it! Here is her experience.

When I was a little girl I was privileged to have parents that played great music like David Bowie, Bow wow wow, Adam Ant, Blondie, Siouxie and the Banchees, Queen, Madonna, Devo, The Specials, X-ray Specs…The list goes on and on. So of course by the time I was 7 I was in love with Polly Syrene , Annabel (from bow wow wow), Siouxie and of course Blondie .

Growing up in a musical family I had a passion for singing and my number 1 role model was Debbie Harry. I played her Cd’s over and over just to perfect her rap on Rapture.

When I heard she was coming to the Granada Theatre I had to be there. I was broke and would rather spend $60 on groceries then anything else. But A friend of my Dads heard I wanted to go so he so graciously bought tickets for my sister and I…This Was It! I was going to see Blondie in her prime!!

We came into the Granada Theater and it was amazing to see the different kinds of people that were there to see her, young, old, alternative, preppy. She is a legend for every age group and genre. She should be proud.

We rushed to the front of the crowd to be as close as possible. And we happened to mix in with a group of people that were just as excited as us to see Her. We started chatting about how many times they had seen her, our favorite songs, Cd’s..then Nico Vega came on. Mix of Bow Wow Wow, White Stripes, and Sinead O’Connor.

I didn’t think their style of music exactly matched Blondie but they were great. The singer talked about how Debbie was her idol and what a privilege it was to tour with her, I don’t know how she contained her excitement every day on that tour.

Then, it was time, for the Legend herself to come on stage. By this time we are best friends with the group of people we have been standing with, we screamed and held hands in excitement as SHE walked out on stage. She was beautiful.

Her black t-shirt, white tutu, and white button up was perfect.

I can’t tell you the set list but I sang my heart out to every song, I was just close enough that when she flicked her sweat off her upper lip…i felt it.

Her voice was better then ever, the sound was impeccable, her stage presence was flawless and I will forever remember this concert.

It ended all too soon but I have never loved Blondie more, I made lasting friendships with that group of people..we all went to Beauty Bar after for the Blondie After Party. You never know what kind of people you are going to meet at the Granada Theatre but they could be your next best friends!

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