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Today’s “Best Show Of The Year” entry comes from Mason Patrick. Mason picked the incredible Panda Bear show as his favorite. I felt like I was on another planet during Noah’s killer performance. Here’s what Mason thought about it. Again if you would like to participate & get free tickets, email your story to

The Granada has recently established itself as Dallas’ premiere venue for the hottest acts not only within the indie community, but also country, hip-hop, and virtually anything else. The broad genre appeal that the Granada has been offering has been truly spectacular. Perhaps the greatest is the recent collaboration with Gorilla vs. Bear’s Chris Cantalini. With the cooperation and willingness of the Granada Theater, the two have brought Dallas’ first real taste of the music world and caused a catalyst in helping to bring even more great artists to the city.

While much could be said about Gorilla vs. Bear Fest this past summer, an interesting experiment in bringing upcoming artists to the oft overlooked skyline (Shabazz Palaces was one of the best bands i’ve seen this year, but the brevity of their set knocks it back), the most notable contribution was bringing indie-prince Panda Bear to the Granada Theater during his limited stint of US shows. I myself, along with probably hundreds of other fans were perplexed as to why Panda Bear would play in Dallas versus the more approachable Austin, where it would have been a guaranteed sellout within seconds. Nevertheless, i was giddy with delight that i wouldn’t have to travel over 6 hours round trip to see Noah do his thing.

The openers couldn’t have been more perfect. Local talent Botany helped to get the psychedelic vibe going, while Austin natives Silent Diane really packed an ethereal punch. But it wasn’t until Panda Bear came on that things really began to set in. The mood lowered as we were lulled into a daze with the opener “You Can Count On Me”. The projection that covered the stage could not have been a more effective visual. What really surprised me most was that he played straight through his latest album Tomboy, in order. But where many of the songs on the album felt like stand alone tracks, he blended everything in a way that made it less like a series of songs, but one long piece with a series of movements.

picture by dallas observer

The best part of the set was the encore, where he played 3 of his best songs from his acclaimed 2007 album Person Pitch. “Comfy in Nautica” started as a dull noise but quickly erupted into a screeching roar, providing some of the loudest sound that i’ve ever heard at the Granada. “Bros”, his incredible 12 minute song from Person Pitch was the perfect closer. Everything about that concert was perfect. I know that i can’t have been the only one who was longing to hear at least a few Animal Collective songs, but alas, c’est la vie.

Such a unique concert is really something that is rare today. The fact that the Granada was able to bring such an incredible artist to it’s stage is a gift to us music lovers. So for that, i say thank you.

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