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We are looking for blog posts from Granada music fans about their favorite show at Granada this year. If you would like to share your story email it to (we’ll reward your efforts with free tickets). Today’s post comes from Lilly Watson who had the time of her life at the CF Concert Series benefit show with Rhett Miller. Read all about it below!

When I think of my favorite nights of 2011, many of them were squired away at The Granada. The most monumental ofthese, for me personally and I believe our Greenville community in general, would be the CF Concert Series, featuring The O’s, Sarah Jaffe and Rhett Miller on November 5 of this year.

The charity concert celebrated its fifth and most successful event this year at The Granada. I remember going to the first CF Concert on a date with my new boyfriend and now husband. It was a bare-boned but feel-good show with Murry Hammond opening for Rhett and some Ranchero Brothers in the grand finale. It is a privilege to be able to return every year and see the event’s growth, the new acts and the great strides CF research has made over the past year. The show is in early November of each year and jump starts the spirit of community and giving that continues through the closely following Holiday season. It of course helps that Rhett usually plays his seasonal song, “Here It Is, Christmastime” – a personal favorite of mine!

Usually when I think of Dallas charity fundraisers, I think over-the-top: an overpriced prix fixe menu where by the end of the night someone from a Real Housewives franchise has shown up and pulled somebody else’s hair. Not so for the CF Concert Series, who takes the hipster high road and opts for understated and impactful. This stripped down show is a great opportunity to see mega Dallas acts in their purest form. Even emcee Gordon Keith is on his best behavior, by the loose standards of Gordon Keith.

Between the authenticity of the music, the togetherness of my close friends who attend the show with me and the opportunity to learn more about life as a CF patient, I always find a moment at this event where I am overwhelmed by how fortunate I am to be in good health and live in a city where we have such outstanding talent and find creative ways to rally around those who wake up each day and fight this disease.

This year that moment came for me when Rhett played one of his new tracks off of his latest album, a collection of cover songs titles “The Interpreter: Live at Largo.” As he began to strum the opening lines of Woody Guthrie, Billy Bragg and Wilco’s “California Stars,” I went back in my memory to my college house in Lubbock where we’d sit outside and play this one song on a loop while drinking watery beer and staring at the huge arm of the Milky Way that stretches over West Texas. I thought about how each day when I wake up I am closer to the life expectancy of a CF patient (an early mid-30’s in the US). I thought about how with the help of genius researchers, brave patients and diligent fundraisers that age is getting higher while life for patients becomes easier. My swimming thoughts and memories came over me at just the right time and I felt just perfect emotion: an even mix of gratitude, compassion, nostalgia and contentment. Those moments are what live music is about to me and I am so grateful to The Granada for hosting them for us. I can’t wait to see what the CF Concert Series and The Granada have in store for us in 2012.

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